We are pleased to announce that Swift Builder have partnered with Tawk, who we believe are one of the best live chat services out there, and best of all …. it’s FREE.

With live chat, your customers have another direct way to message you and we firmly promote that this increases sales on your website, as it does with ours and many of our clients.

Why use Tawk live chat feature on your website?

Over 3.5 million people use talk for their business, we believe that more should too.

In this day and age, people prefer to message so give them what they want, a messaging tool on your website. People want to ask questions before they buy and a live chat tool will give them the answers they need.

Easy Set Up

Talk is very easy to set up and use, you simply sign up, add your details and you get a little snippet of code to add onto your website. With Swift builder, you can easily add snippets of code in your website dashboard so it literally does take 5 minutes to set up.

You can answer any chats on your computer or on the go on your mobile devices.

Hire agents from as little as £1

Tawk even give you the ability to hire agents to manage your chat at a low cost, starting from just £1 per hour. Find out more about the chat agents below:

Get Tawk Live Chat

To get a live chat function on your website, visit https://www.tawk.to/ today, you won’t regret it.