One of the most important things on your website is your font choice, it may sound silly but its true. A bad font choice can ruin a website for a few reasons including making it look unprofessional and also making it unreadable.

In the office, we have a saying “Its all about the font”, well thats what I say and the team are just used to hearing it now. Simply changing a font can make a good website into a bad one, and vice versa, a bad website into a good one.

Below, we look at a couple of good options for website fonts along with some bad options and why they are bad. Don’t be afraid to have a couple of fonts on your site. Many designers use one font for their title font and another for their standard text font. This is simply because some look better bold than others. Its about playing around until you find a font that works …. unless you have brand guidelines in which you have to stick to. Be consistent across your site so don’t use lots of different colours and fonts as that just doesn’t look good.

Good fonts

For the fonts we recommend, its about a nice simple font that looks good and is easily readable.

Below you will see the old and trusted Arial, along with some newer fonts such as Roboto, Nunito and Lato. You will notice that they are all simple fonts and easy to read. They aren’t joined up or scripted as for one, people can’t read them and secondly, they look old school and outdated.

Not so good fonts

Below you will see some examples of fonts that sometimes make a designer want to throw up on his/her keyboard. You don’t want a website that looks like Bill Gates and his cronies built it back in 1995 (Yes, we know Bill did not build websites).

Times new roman – unless you want to have that roman feel, then avoid this font as it makes you website travel back in time to a darker age (before  social media and smart phones).

Anton – a great example of a font that isn’t the easiest to read and your visitors may struggle to read as the font is very thick.

Shadows into light – well what can we say about this font other than it should only really belong on a school playground. Imagine going onto an accountant’s website that had this font … would you take them seriously or think they are professional? … Nope!


Now you have seen both lists, and trust me there are many many more to add to both but we wanted to keep this simple. Look at these examples above, the good fonts can really transform your website and make it look more professional. The bad fonts can completely reverse that.

Take into consideration your target market, if in-fact you do run a roman museum then times new roman might work well for you, but other than that, stick to the nicer more modern fonts that can put your website on a better level than your competitors.

With Swift Builder, we build our templates using the fonts we think are best suited to the target market. We also allow you to easily add any Google fonts to your website in your font manager.

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